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Four Domains of the School Heads Responsibilities

“The ancient Romans had a tradition: whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed accountability for his work in the most profound way possible: he stood under the arch.”
In education, the Roman Engineer is the School Head and the arch, the school children. In ancient Rome, when the capstone is hoisted wrongly, the Engineer dies, but in education, when the children are wrongly educated, their futures die. Indeed, the roles that school heads play in the teaching-learning process are really very crucial and vital. This is the main reason why the School Head of Alfonso B. Dagani, South Cabadbaran District, City of Cabadbaran, Philippines is really doing the best that he can do to maximize the learning of the school children through the help of the teachers and all the stakeholders of the school.
The school head convened all the teachers of Alfonso B. Dagani Elementary School on August 25, 2009 to discuss the concepts about the four domains of the school head’s responsibilities which are in terms of school management, school communications, school community relations and instructional supervision. The teachers who attended the conference were Miss Verna N. Magsigay (Grade I-A Adviser), Mrs. Marilyn M. Sodusta (Grade I-B Adviser), Mrs. Elvira M. Guzman (Grade II Adviser), Mrs. Mary Jean Gladys S. Pereyra (Grade III-A Adviser), Mrs. Elpedio P. Vista (Substitute Teacher of Mrs. Rosalinda L. Vestil, Grade III-B Adviser), Mr. Michael L. Morrondoz (Substitute for Mrs. Fe B. Flores as Grade IV Adviser who is on Sick Leave of Absence), Mrs. Janette C. Baldo (Grade V Adviser), Mrs. Referina P. Alipao (Grade VI Adviser), Mr. Rex Hussein D. Lamoste (Implementing Teacher for Grades IV, V, and VI) and Miss Josielyn S. Mendiola (Substitute of Mrs. Marjorie P. Gangca as Implementing Teacher for Grades IV, V, and VI) .
In order to facilitate the easy understanding of the teachers of the concepts of the four domains of the school head’s responsibilities, the school head prepared some handouts and distributed them to the teachers. He then gave them some minutes to read and make some analysis about the concepts. Discussions about the presented concepts followed.
After that, the school head asked the teachers to write their observations, ideas, reactions, suggestions and recommendations with regards to the concepts presented. The following are the responses of the teachers:
I. On School Management (Basic Record Keeping) – Mr. Rex Hussein D. Lamoste,
Implementing Teacher

1. Previous records of the school are not properly compiled. Records can not be easily tracked down.
2. No teacher/school personnel is assigned to keep the records of the school.
3. Reports must be submitted in duplicate copies so that a copy will be left to the school.
4. Transmittals must also be prepared when submitting reports as proof of submission.

II. On School Community Relations
1. This domain is very much important because involving the community, parents, alumni, some other associations and the barangay council in the affairs of the school is one of the vital factors that influence for the improvement of the school and this also one of the mandates of the School-Based Management. – Mrs. Elvira M. Guzman
2. This domain needs to be implemented by the school head so that the goals of the

school will be easily achieved.Mrs. Marilyn D. Sodusta
3. This domain is one of the main foundations that would bring improvement for the school. But this must be implemented in a give-and-take relationship. The school does not only benefit from the community but the community also benefits from the school.Mr. Elpedio P. Vista
4. The harmonious relationship between the school and the community would really enhance the delivery of quality basic education to produce quality learners.Mrs. Janette C. Baldo

III. On Instructional Supervision
1. Instructional supervision should be implemented so that the teachers will be guided in enhancing their teaching competencies in the aspect of teaching methods and strategies. In addition, the teachers gain better and new ideas from the school head during post conferences after class observations.Mrs. Referina P. Alipao

In the identification of the problems of the school, we resorted to use the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) in the identification of the problems under the four domains of the school head’s responsibilities. We also used the streams analysis in the identification of the major problem and the root cause of this problem. After all the processes have been done, we were made to conclude that Poor reading abilities and skills of the school children (comprehension and speed in reading) is the major problem of the school and Lack of financial resources was identified as the main culprit of all the problems which are confronting the progress of the school and the school children.


A. School Management

Problems Encountered
1. Lack of financial resources
2. No teacher with Science, H. E., Industrial Arts and Music specializations
3. Few computer literate teachers
4. No computers for the use of classroom instructions
5. No audio-visual equipments
6. Lack of instructional materials
7. Late assignment of vacant teaching positions
8. Lack of financial support to teachers who are sent to seminars
9. No school record-keeper
10. No sports equipments like volleyballs, basketballs, baseball gloves and bats, etc.
11. No garden tools
12. No kitchen utensils
13. No Science equipments
14. No health and first aid equipments

Possible Solutions
1. Maximize the involvement of the SGC in managing the school
2. Plan activities to increase enrolment so that we can ask for teachers with these specializations
3. Request assistance from the Alumni for the purchase of computers and conduct school-based insets on computer operations
5. Conduct school-based fund raising activities to fund the purchase of these equipments
6. Request for the purchase of instructional materfials from the MOOE funds
7. Punctually submit reports on increase of enrolment and lack of teachers for immediate assignment of teachers to school
8. Fund registration of teachers to seminars through the school MOOE Fund
9. Assign one of the implementing teachers as school record-keeper
10. Fund the purchase of these equipments through the MOOE Funds and some other donations from private individuals.

B. School Communications

Problems Encountered
1. No computers for the use of classroom instructions and office use
2. Multiple duties of teachers

Possible Solutions
1. Request assistance from the Alumni for the purchase of computers and conduct school-based insets on computer operations
2. Division of labor in school will be properly organized

C. School-Community Relations

Problems Encountered
1. Low educational attainment of parents
2. Incomplete perimeter fence
3. No drainage canals

Possible Solutions
1. Open ALS Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Classes to Out-of-school youts and livelihood projects to non-working parents
2. Ask the assistance from the Barangay Council, alumni, local businesses and private individuals for the funding for the completion of the perimeter fence.
3. Ask parents to do a one day “bayanihan activity” to make/construct a drainage canal

D. Instructional Supervision

Problems Encountered
1. Poor reading abilities and skills of some school children (comprehension and speed in reading)
2. Absenteeism of some pupils
3. Some pupils are less numerate
4. Less nourished school children (14% of the total population)
5. Less opportunities of teachers to attend trainings, conferences, workshops and seminars
6. Few computer literate teachers
7. Only 3 teachers have masteral units
8. Irregular classroom supervision of the school head due to overcrowded schedules
9. Some teachers display passive attitudes
10. No computers for the use of classroom instructions
11. No audio-visual classroom and equipments
12. Lack of instructional materials

Possible Solutions/Interventions
1. The implementation of the Project ReHLS (Reading Huts, Learning Spots)
2. Weekly Unannounced Feeding Schedule (Project WUFS)
3. Insets for Math Teachers in school. Invite Resource Persons to talk about specific teaching strategies in teaching Mathematics concepts.
4. Project WUFS (Weekly Unannounced Feeding Schedule)
5. School-based insets and echo trainings
6. Project CoCo-IT (Coach a Computer-Illiterate Teacher)
7. Program MUSYC (Masteral Units Every School Year Commitment)
8. Proper time management and categorize daily activities
9. Give special tasks to passive teachers so that they will feel important in school
10. Organize the alumni to sponsor/donate computers to the school
11. Sell project proposals to sponsors snd benefactors
12. Project MIMIC (Monthly Instructional Materials to Improve Children’s Competencies)


After the meeting, I realized that indeed, the job of the school head is really tremendous and is not really a bed of roses. Like the engineer in the ancient Roman Empire, he needs to assume all the responsibilities of molding globally-competitive graduates by perfectly playing his role as instructional leader, transformational leader and as the CEO of his school.

In addition to this, our schools are mandated to by society to create intellectually strong populace. This makes our roles as school heads more challenging. But challenging as they are, on the other hand, they are also fulfilling and satisfying because in a way, we ease the burdens of our teachers by guiding them towards the goal of our system, we help prepare our students for life, we make them become productive citizens of our country and be ready to take their place in the society.

Upon looking at the problems of the school which are identified by the teachers, my mind was filled with worries and apprehensions because I was thinking, “Can we find possible solutions to these problem?”

But when I started soliciting their ideas regarding the possible solutions of the problems, they were able to present their bright and remarkable ideas. This only goes to show that the teachers are also looking into the welfare of our school.

Furthermore, this reminds us that if the school head being the instructional leader, the transformational leader and the CEO of the school really has the will power to implement all that is to be implemented in school, he can surely make a better difference in the lives of the school children because as shown in the reactions of the teachers during the meeting, they were really willing to extend their helping hands and gave wise suggestions for the improvement of the processes of the school.

As school heads, we really must take small but sure steps in navigating our schools to their ideal future states as mandated in the vision, mission and goals because ”…wherever we go, our school follows.” And we must leave our schools a little better when we first found it.


With the School Head discussing the concepts of the Four Domains of the School Head’s Responsibilities, the teachers of Alfonso B. Dagani Elementary School listened eagerly and gave sound reactions.

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